Is an ISO 14001 Certification Important?

As a company, you are probably aiming to improve your corporate image. What better way to do it than by taking steps to reduce waste and do the best you can towards sustainable development and preservation of the environment. If you are confused about how to be an environment friendly company, a start would be the ISO 14001 certification. So, what is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the principal management system standard which specifies the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS.”

Does your business need an ISO 14001 standard?

I know you may be thinking that businesses are meant to make profits, so why should my organisation opt for an ISO 14001 compliance? Although voluntary for now, there are plenty of reasons why your company should be ISO 14001 compliant.

With governments now stepping up their regulations regarding protection and preservation of the environment, sooner or later your company may have to comply with safer environment standards. This is where an ISO 14001 certification becomes a pre-requisite. With ISO 14001 EMS implementation and Certification, you are well prepared to meet identify and comply with applicable environmental related regulatory requirements. The standard gives you a framework to work with, so that your organisation has a smooth platform to maintain compliance.   

Implementing an ISO 14001 standard will add to your organisation’s credibility in fighting the good fight against environmental hazards. Sometimes when bidding for a project or a job, clients or prospective customers may require you to have ISO 14001 compliance. Taking the implementation and certification objective seriously gives your organisation an edge over those who are not compliant.

An ISO 14001 certification will help your organisation set up EMS (Environmental Management System) that will help reduce waste and improve efficiency. The certification will also prove that your products and services meet global environment-friendly standards.

Should You Hire an ISO 14001 Consultant?

Although your organisation can get the ISO 14001 certification on its own, hiring a consultant is a much better option on your compliance journey. Hiring a consultant may be more expensive than doing it yourself, but a consultant can help you set up an ISO 14001 EMS professionally and efficiently as they are well aware of the requirements and establishment and implementation process.

A consultant can also help you upgrade or make subtle changes to your existing framework if you already have one. Hiring an ISO 14001 consultant can also speed up the compliance process. A consultant is aware of system processes, having worked on the same procedures, so your consultant can help you make quick decisions in implementing an ISO 14001 Environmental System.

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